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Restoring files or viewing previous versions of files on Office 365 OneDrive

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If you should accidentally delete files or wish to view or restore a previous version of a file stored on the Office365 Onedrive use the directions provided by Microsoft in the following links.  

Please note that you typically have 30 days worth of items in the office 365 recycle bin.  However, if you are close to your OneDrive quota, files in the Recycle bin will be purged oldest first within 3 days.

Additionally, in order to be able to restore a previous version of the file you'll need to have enabled versioning on your document library previously.

Enabling Document Versioning

Restore a Previous Version of a file

Restore files or Empty Recycle Bin

Is Office 365 having a service interruption?

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Is Office 365 having a service interruption?

Import personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer

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On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you can capture photos and videos using the built-in camera or save images from apps, such as Safari and Mail, to your device. You can import this content from your device to your computer.

The above link is provided by  

Are there any software or hardware discounts available to me as a student?

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Are there any software or hardware discounts available to me as a student?

While Viterbp IIT doesn't sell or support any particular software or hardware, you'll find below some resources for your use.

What are the personal computer specifications for connection to the residence hall network?

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What are the personal computer specifications for connection to the residence hall network?

The university is pleased to provide network services for connecting your personally owned computer to the Internet. The following on-campus residence halls and apartment facilities have network service ready for your arrival:

  • Bonaventure Hall
  • Marian Hall
  • McDonald Terrace
  • Rose Terrace
  • Saint Claire
  • Treacy House

We recommend the following minimum specifications for your residence hall connection to the campus network:

  1. Pentium 4 – 2.0 GHz (for a PC) or G5 processor (for a Mac).
  2. 4 GB RAM.
  3. Windows 7 or MAC OS 10.0.
  4. Ethernet compatible 10/100 Network Card with RJ-45 port / Wireless (802.11b/g).
  5. Cat-5 patch cable if using cabled access (10 - 15 feet recommended).
  6. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (for a PC) or Microsoft Office 2009 (for a MAC) [for compatibility with campus computer labs].
  7. Internet Explorer 9.0

Please keep in mind that these are “minimum”specifications; more powerful computers with newer operating systems (e.g., Win 8 Professional, Mac 10.6) are preferred and will provide a higher level of performance. Contact your local computer professional if you need assistance in putting together a system that meets these specifications.

Please note that CD-R/CD-RWs written on your personal computer may not be writable on Viterbo’s computers and vice versa. All CD-R/CD-RWs, though, should be readable by both systems. We highly recommend that you acquire Flash Drives for storing your projects and assignments. A 4 MB flash drive should cost under $20 from most computer suppliers. The Viterbo Library has 4MB SanDisk Flash Drives available for purchase for the cost of $10.00.

All computers on campus use Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. If you are still using Microsoft Office 2003, or Mac Office 2004, you’ll be able to exchange ‘most’ files (in both directions) without problems. Always be sure to “SAVE AS” and choose Word 97/2000/2003 format (.DOC) if this is the case, especially if going from 2007 on campus, to 2003 at home.

There is a discount for Microsoft Office 2010 Pro, Mac Office 2011, and Windows 7 available to students at or

In order to receive a network connection, students must sign and abide by the university’s network policies. Network support is provided from the campus network to the wall jack in the residence hall/apartment room.

Wireless access is available in all Residence Halls/Apartments.

If you have any questions regarding these specifications, or need other information/help:

Contact the Help Desk at:

Phone: 608-796-3870

In Person: Murphy Center Room 301

How do I stay safe online?

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How do I stay safe online?

We recommend the following for keeping information in your Viterbo Account and other Online information safe.

1) Log out of a public computer.

2) Have a password on all Mobile Devices.

3) Create Secure Passwords and Change them regularly.

4) Keep your computer protected by running operating system, Quicktime, Java, and Adobe update regularly.

5) Have a virus & spyware scanner that is running and automatically updates.

Best Practices - Backing up to a USB drive

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Best Practices - Backing up to a USB drive

The best way to backup files to the USB Drive is to open two windows.

Backup to USB Icons
Open the source (My Documents) and target (USB drive) in two separate windows on an empty Desktop. You may need to re-size each window so they fit as seen below in the example.
You can then select all files in the My Documents window by doing a Ctrl A, or Edit/Select All Files. Right click over the selected files (highlighted in blue or grey) and continue to hold the click down while you drag the
files to the USB drive window (you will see a ghosted image of the files as you drag them). Once the mouse cursor is over the USB drive's window, release the right click. You will then get a small menu asking what
you’d like to do with the files…. Left click to select “Copy Here”. The files will copy to that destination (the USB drive).
This is called a right-click drag/drop. I prefer RIGHT click drag drop because when you release the click, it gives you the menu option so you can select what it is going to do When doing a LEFT click drag/drop… it
may actually MOVE the files when you release the click (no menu).. which is NOT what you want to do. So always RIGHT click drag/drop so you get the menu to select “copy here”.
If you have a large amount of documents on your Desktop, you can either right-click drag/drop these files to the Flash card window… or copy the entire “desktop” folder to your flash card…. The desktop folder is located in
My Computer, Local C drive, Documents & Settings. Within the Documents & Settings folder is a folder named with the user’s username (i.e. CEGILBECK), and within this folder is a folder called “Desktop”…. Once
you’ve browsed to this folder in the My Computer window, simply right-click drag/drop this folder to your Flash card window… All contents of your Desktop (including icons, shortcuts, etc) will be copied to your Flash
Source - My Documents Target Removeable Disk (USB drive)

Backup to USB windows
* Here is an example of files that have been right-click drag/dropped from the My Documents Window to the Removable Disk (USB drive) window as it would appear on the desktop with the two windows open. You can
see what the menu looks like which appears once releasing the right-click drag/drop over the Flash Card window. Note that I have selected “Copy Here” on the menu.
** Note also that you can see the “ghosted images” of the five files behind the Copy Here menu. Once Copy Here is selected by left clicking that option, the five files will be copied to the Flash Card.
*** Please call me with any questions, or if you need further help. –Chad 3870