4/23/2014 2:30:37 PM::This is a drill: A tornado WARNING including Viterbo’s campus is in effect until 2:45PM SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY in designated areas until ALL CLEAR is issued

This is a TEST DRILL. A Tornado WATCH is in effect for the area including Viterbo. A WATCH indicates tornado conditions exist in the area and weather should be closely monitored. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME. A TORNADO WARNING requiring your evacuation to designated areas will be issued at approximately 2:30 p.m.


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Todd Wehr Memorial Library Art Collection

The library has nearly 400 works of art in its collection. Prints from well-known artists like Käthe Kollwitz, German printmaker and sculptor, and Wayne Thiebaud, California painter and printmaker, are represented here, as well as oil paintings from Wisconsin folk artist Anna Miller. In addition, the Library Gallery has a number of exhibits that rotate each semester. The Gallery has shown work by students, faculty and professional artists.  More information on the library's Franciscan Art collections may be found here.

For more information on art in the library, please contact us.

Anna Miller No More Gravy

Anna Miller

No More Gravy; Anna Miller, b. 1906; Oil on cardboard, 12 x 16; Gift of the artist.

Peter Whitebird Shaping the Canoe

Peter Whitebird

Shaping the Canoe (The Making of a Canoe, No. 17) c.1938–40; Peter Whitebird, 1902–1940; Oil on board, 12 x 16; Gift of St. Mary’s School, Odanah, Wis.

Wayne Thiebaud Palms 1965

Wayne Thiebaud

Palms 1965; Wayne Thiebaud, b. 1920; Etching, 6¾ x 5⅞; Gift of the artist.