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Global Education

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Study Abroad Experiences

2013Cameron300x300Cameron Segura, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fall Semester 2013

"My name is Cameron Segura. I am a student of Digital Media, Spanish, and Philosophy. Currently, I am studying at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This immersion into Argentine culture has left me with an innumerable amount of unforgettable lessons both personal and academic. My favorite thing about Argentina is how unique it is in comparison to other Latin American countries. Considered the Paris of South America, it is known for its European influence, which can be seen in all parts of Argentine lifestyle. Among the many other things I enjoy here, I would say that empanadas, Castellano, and yerba mate are staples in my daily routine."

2013Amanda300x300Amanda Rehberg, London, England; Fall Semester 2013

"I'm currently a senior at Viterbo, majoring in theatre with an emphasis in costuming. I am studying abroad at King's College London for the semester. I'm taking a wide range of classes here that will cover my gen-ed requirements for Viterbo, so nothing theatre related, just your basic set of classes. What I love most about London is how culturally rich the city is. I have met so many people from so many different places around the world, so I get the chance to learn and observe cultures other than my own. I also really love that my campus is a 10-minute walk from the west end. That's a huge theatre community, and there are so many productions that I have the chance to see!"


Rachel Eloranta, San Jose, Costa Rica, Fall Semester 2013

"My name is Rachel Eloranta, and I am studying in San Jose, Costa Rica. I love ABSOLUTELY everything about my experience here! The food is delicious, the mountains are beautiful, and there is SO much to do! I'm a Biology major, and I'll hopefully finish my Spanish minor while I'm here :) So far I've gone white water rafting and zip-lining -- I'm trying to work myself up to go bungee jumping! Things are more slow here than at home, but I haven't been bored yet!"

JessicaSchurmann300x300Jessica Schurmann, Florence, Italy, Spring Semester, 2012 

"Being an art major, studying in Florence was perfect for me. I was able to visit museums and see famous works of art that I only read about back home."