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Spring 2014 Special Topics Course Descriptions

CHEM-286-001 Careers in the Sciences - 1 credit
This course is designed to introduce students to diverse career options in the sciences.  Students will participate in at least one job shadowing experience and learn techniques that will help them decide upon a career path.  Invited guests will provide insight into the day-to-day work of various science occupations and share information about how students can best prepare for success in their chosen career endeavors.

COMM-286-001 Digital Imaging - 3 credits
This course considers the aesthetic, technical, and conceptual practices associated with producing digital images.  Students will use basic digital cameras and mobile devices to make digital images and refine and manipulate images.  The course provides an introduction to the theory and application of color and composition.  Aesthetic, technical, historical, and conceptual issues will be addressed through lectures, demonstrations, exercises, projects, and readings.  Students are evaluated based on their contribution to class discussions, critiques, class blog, and their aesthetic, technical, and conceptual development.  A final artistic awareness paper is required.  Approved as Artistic Awareness Ways of Thinking.

ENGL-286-001 Introduction to Literary Studies - 1 credit
English majors build research skills specific to English, practice close reading, and apply two to three theoretical approaches to interpreting texts.  Students analyze literary criticism and integrate MLA style with other conventions of literary analysis.  Students also discuss English-related careers and plan their remaining curriculum within the major.  A students who fails ENGL-255 twice will be dismissed from the English major. 

HIST-486-001 The Modern African-American Civil Rights Movement, 1941-2013 - 3 credits
The class start with a historical overview of race, political economy, power, discrimination and segregation related to the African-American experience in America up to WWII.  The majority of the course examines the modern African-American Civil Rights Movement from WWII through the 1970s and the various strategies African-Americans employed to secure civil rights, ranging from non-violence to more militant tactics.  The class will watch and discuss the 14 segments of the documentary Eyes on the Prize.  The readings for the course will emphasize primary sources related to that PBS documentary as well as short stories and contemporary articles.  The last part of the course will examine the legacy of the civil rights movement and contemporary issues related to race in America.  Approved as Historical Analysis Ways of Thinking.

MGMT-486-001 Personal Professional Development - 2 credits
This course focuses on developing your personal professional identity and critical skills for entering your career.  And experiential seminar format is used to define your personal brand and develop clarity of college or career objectives.  This course is designed to complement other business coursework, preparing you to be successful academically and professionally.  Skills developed include planning for the remainder of your undergraduate degree, how to put together a professional resume, how to apply for internships, interview skills, networking skills, learning to be a good mentee, communication skills, dressing for success, personal health, and managing your career.  Students will develop their personal marketing plan which will include the development of a personal brand, 30-second commercial, resume, and networking strategy.

MGMT-546-001 Project Management Professional Preparation - 3 credits
The PMP preparation course provides the guidance needed to organize the implicit project management knowledge the student has acquired through experience and coursework, fill gaps in the body of project management knowledge, and provides additional context to enhance the student's project management knowledge base.

MUTH-286/486-001 The Business of Theatre - 3 credits
This course will focus on the business and process of establishing and maintaining a professional career in the theatre as a performer.  Topics addressed will include but not be limited to, finding an agent, putting together an audition package, joining the union-Equity/SAG and the financial business of being a freelance performer.

PHIL-486-001 Global Health and Human Flourishing - 3 credits  **travel course**
"Health for All!" has become a rallying cry in the twenty-first century, uniting rock stars (e.g. Bono) and conservative politicians (e.g. Jesse Helms), celebrities and corporations, private philanthropy and the world's richest countries.  It is a moral claim: health is fundamental to being human and therefore should be available to all.  This course will evaluate the philosophical basis of this claim and its practical implications for health systems around the world.  For Spring 2014, this course will focus on South Africa as the context for interpreting historical and contemporary issues in global health ethics.  This course concludes with a two-week study abroad experience in South Africa.  Enrollment in the course requires an accepted global education application form as well as course fees to cover the cost of the trip.  This course will fulfill the Philosophy and Moral Inquiry Way of Thinking (pending CCC approval).

RLST-486-001 Franciscan Servant Leadership - 3 credits  **travel course**
SVLD-546-001 Franciscan Servant Leadership - 1-3 variable credits  **travel course**
In this course we will examine the lives of Francis and Clare of Assisi through study, research and a trip to Assisi and Rome.  Francis and Clare are servants and leaders whose lives of holiness and service continue to influence and inspire people who serve and lead in our time.  The course is open to both graduate and undergraduate students and requires class meetings, study, research, reflection, and the trip to Italy.