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Summer 2014 Schedule Addendum

This addendum will reflect all course section additions, cancellations, or time/date changes since the schedule was released on December 20, 2013.  Please check the VitNet Search for Sections component for changes to instructors and/or rooms.

Traditional Undergraduate 

BIOL-296-002 Microbiology
Section added (3/13/14)

CHEM-106-002 Chem for Health Sciences
Section added (5/30/14)
Section cancelled (6/30/14)

ENGL-104-001 Comp and Lit
Section cancelled (4/28/14)

ENGL-307-001 Argumentative Writing
Section changed to online (4/14/14)

ENGL-336-001 Shakespeare
Section cancelled (4/28/14)

HIST-101-001 W Civ to 1600
Date change to 5/20-6/12 (2/4/14)
Section cancelled (4/28/14)

PHYS-102-001 Physical Science
Section cancelled (4/28/14)

PSYC-171-001 Gen Psychology
Section cancelled (5/1/14)

PSYC-270-001 Interviewing and Helpful Relationship
Section cancelled (5/1/14)

PSYC-340-001 Behavior Disorders
Section cancelled (5/1/14)

SOCL-320-001 Racial and Ethnic Studies
Section cancelled (5/7/14)

VUSM-325-001 Common Good Life Christian
Section added (4/7/14)

Center for Adult Learning 

ACCT-425-001 Auditing
Changed to fully online (3/24/14)

HMGT-101-001 Health Care Terminology
Section cancelled (4/23/14)

MATH-130-002 Intro Statistics
Section cancelled (1/10/14)

NURS-451-008 Public Health Nurs Clin App
Section added (3/12/14)

OMGT-410-001 Quality Management
Section cancelled (6/17/14)

RLST-342-002 Prspctvs Christian Theology
Section cancelled (1/10/14)

RLST-356-003 Srvnt Ldrship Perspectives
Section cancelled (5/8/14)

THTR-100-002 Theatre Appreciation
Section cancelled (1/10/14)

VUSM-470-003/004-005-006-007 Unified Mission Seminar
Time changed to 1:00-4:00pm (3/12/14)

Graduate Studies 

COUN-571-001 Coun Chldrn Adolscnts
Dates changed (3/14/14)

COUN-591-001 Substance Abuse Coun
Dates changed (3/14/14)

COUN-630-001 Mental Hlth Leadership
Dates changed (3/14/14)

COUN-699-001 Action Research Project
Section added (3/14/14)

EDUC-601-011 Ed Research I
Section added (4/1/14)

EDUC-604-002 Proseminar
Change of start date to 6/1/14 (4/14/14)

EDUL-604-002 Theories of Motivation for Learning
Section added (6/17/14)

EDUL-634-006 Leadership Assessment
Section cancelled (6/9/14)

MGMT-501-001 Foundations of Business
Section added (6/5/14)