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Summer 2014 Special Topics and VUSM Course Descriptions

ACCT-546-001 Analysis of Financial Performance through Managerial Accounting - 3 credits
This course will enable students to integrate managerial accounting information, along with financial statement analysis, to provide organizations with the information needed to plan, control, and effectively evaluate operational and financial performance.

MGMT-546-001 Leadership and Diversity - 3 credits
This class will explore leadership through the lens of differences regarding culture.  Race and ethnicity and variances of leadership and followership styles will be explored through the use of literature, case study, and media in a seminar style format.

MGMT-546-002 Corporate Structuring for Global Business - 3 credits
This course introduces students to the cultural, finance, strategy, business and legal issues arising in international mergers and acquisitions.  To build a foundation to better understand the M&A process, students will work on practical exercises designed to simulate the steps of a typical decision making process and the steps involved in a typical transaction.  Exercises include drafting a letter of intent, considering issues in due diligence, and drafting and negotiating an acquisition agreement from both a buyer's and seller's perspective.  Students will analyze various acquisitions by one firm of all or some of the assets or stock of another firm, and its impact on both the companies.  Additional topics include a discussion of the types of combinations, the motivations of the participants, the financial analysis required to carry out merger or acquisition activities and negotiation strategies that are available to M&A participants.

MGMT-546-003 Applied Business Research - 3-4 variable credits
Students apply research techniques to investigate an issue or solve a problem in an organization including a determination of the return on investment (ROI) of the solution.  Experience is gained in defining research problems, designing a project, relating pertinent literature, and in collecting, analyzing, recording, and interpreting data.  Research will be non-IRB focused which means review of historical trends and data and research of non-human subjects.  Review of processes and procedures and research of best practices that can be applied to improve business and organizational results.

MGMT-546-004 Managing Projects for Creativity & Innovation - 3 credits
This course focuses on the art of project management to engage teams for creative problem solving, innovative advancements, and flexible processes while balancing traditional project success criteria, such as being on time, staying in budget, and delivering the specified scope.

VUSM-100-001 St. Francis the Marketer - 3 credits
This mission seminar course will examine the life of St. Francis and the core Franciscan values (Service, Integrity, Stewardship, Contemplation and Hospitality) to investigate contemporary marketing/business challenges faced by all organizations.  No prior business knowledge or courses necessary. 

VUSM-200-001 Leadership and Diversity - 3 credits
More and more individuals are interacting, engaging, working, and connecting with people different then themselves. With these experiences, finding ways to enhance the understanding of self and others becomes challenging. Thus, the need for stretching one’s perspectives and insight, as well as methods to interrelate with others becomes imperative. This course will explore Living in a Diverse World through the lens of leadership and “followership,” specifically through Servant Leadership and Social Justice issues. Additional course texts include Black Like Me and The Journey to the East.