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2013–2014 Undergraduate Catalog

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Academic Regulations and Policies


A student’s scholarship rating in each subject is determined by the results of examinations, the general character of the student’s daily class work, and other methods of assessment of learning. Students view final grades via the online student information system, VitNet. The grading system follows:

Grade Points*
Superior work. This indicates not only high achievement, but also an unusual degree of initiative.
Between A and B
Higher achievement than average
Between B and C
Average and satisfactory work
Between C and D
D Work fulfilling minimum requirements
Failure in the course

Administrative F

Awarded to students who did not officially withdraw from the course, but who failed to participate in course activities through the end of the enrollment period. It is used when, in the opinion of the instructor, completed assignments or course activities or both were insufficient to make normal evaluation of academic performance possible. The “U” will calculate in a student’s grade point average as an “F” would (zero grade points.) It also may be replaced, per the repeat policy, as an “F” would.


Administrative Suspension

Awarded to students who do not officially drop a course, but who are not  participating in course activities. The SU will calculate in a student’s grade point average as an F would (zero grade points). It also may be replaced, per the repeat policy, as an F would.

*For each credit

Other Grades

Credit granted (C or better work)

No credit granted

Audit (no credit)

Incomplete. Student has been doing passing work but must still meet certain requirements before the grade can be determined.

Non-reported. The Office of the Registrar may use a grade of NR after the deadline for faculty to submit grades, but before the grade can be collected from the faculty member. The NR grade is not a permanent grade and will be changed as soon as the grade can be collected. An NR grade is not calculated in the grade point average.

Withdrawal from course



A grade of incomplete is given infrequently and only under unusual circumstances that are beyond the student’s control such as a serious illness or death in the family or unanticipated complications in an original research project. To be considered for an incomplete, the student must have at least 50% of the course work complete and have a passing grade in the course. Students will find the form to request a grade of incomplete on the registrar’s office Web page. The student must seek the approval of the instructor, department chair, and dean or vice president for academic affairs. The completed form with approving signatures needs to be submitted to the registrar’s office by the last class period (not the final exam day).


The student is responsible for completing the required course work by the agreed upon deadline. The instructor is responsible for submitting a replacement grade to the registrar’s office. If the incomplete grade is not removed and the replacement grade from the instructor is not on file in the registrar’s office by mid-semester of the subsequent semester or summer session, the incomplete grade converts to an F.


Mid-term Grade

Viterbo University feels it is the responsibility of the instructor to inform the student of his/her progress shortly before the mid-semester point in the course. The Office of the Registrar collects, using the online grading feature of its student information system, a grade of MS, MD, or MF, for each student in traditional program courses. The MS, MD, or MF signifies mid-term progress of satisfactory, a grade of D or a grade of F, respectively. The mid-term grade should aid the student in assessing his or her progress in the course and, if necessary, allow for a drop from the course with a notation on the course record (see specific dates in class schedule.) The grade is for use by the student, faculty, and advisor only. No notation of the mid-term grades is made on any official document, including the transcript. Students view the mid-term grades via the online student information system, VitNet.

*Note: as of Spring 2014 the mid-term grading process will be done via the early alert system, not as described above.