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Emergency Response Plan

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Bomb Threat, Suspicious Mail, or Packages

  1. If you see a foreign device or suspicious package do not touch it, tamper with it, or move it. Call 911 immediately and report to Campus Safety at 3911 if using a Viterbo phone; 608-796-3911 or 608-780-1582 if using a non-Viterbo phone.
  2. If you receive a bomb threat by phone, try to keep the caller on the phone. If possible, write a note to have a co-worker call 911 from another phone. Also, check for caller ID information.
    1. Do not hang up. Further instructions may be given.
    2. Remain calm and courteous.
    3. Write down caller’s exact words and the time of the call.
    4. Ask lots of questions. Use this as a checklist:
      1. When will the bomb explode?
      2. Where is it right now?
      3. What does it look like?
      4. What will cause the bomb to explode?
      5. Did you place the bomb and why?
      6. What is your address?
      7. What is your name?
      8. Exact wording of threats.
  3. If you receive a bomb threat in written form, call 911 and be prepared to tell police about -location of bomb and when it is to explode. Do not hang up; further instructions may be given.
  4. Call Campus Safety at 3911 if using a Viterbo phone; 608-796-3911 or 608-780-1582if using a non-Viterbo phone.
  5. Evacuate the building using areas and exits that are NOT near the device. When evacuating, leave -everything as is. Leave room doors unlocked.
  6. To recognize letter and parcel bombs, be cautious of:
    1. excessive postage, handwritten or -poorly typed address
    2. excessive weight
    3. foreign mail, air mail, or special deliveries
    4. incorrect titles
    5. no return address
    6. oily stains or discoloration on package
    7. protruding wires or tinfoil
    8. restrictive markings such as “Confidential” or “Personal”
    9. rigid, lopsided, or uneven envelope
    10. visual distractions.