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Emergency Response Plan

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Lockdown or Shelter in Place

Lockdown Procedures

  1. A preventive lockdown is a means to rapidly ­enhance the level of security in a facility. By locking all exterior doors and main interior doors, it can be made more difficult for an intruder near the building to gain access to students and employees. This type of lockdown allows staff and student to continue with activities in a limited fashion.
  2. An emergency lockdown is a response to an ­actual emergency situation. This type of lockdown is used to dramatically and rapidly enhance the level of security in the facility. By locking exterior and ­interior doors, employees can make it more ­difficult for dangerous person(s) in the vicinity of the facility to access staff and students. This type of lockdown further requires that all staff and ­students seek as much physical safety from physical assault as possible by using barriers to sight as well as physical barriers.
  3. When a preventive lockdown or an emergency lockdown occurs, you will be notified in one or more of the following methods: email message, voicemail broadcast, Viterbo website, or text ­message.
  4. If an emergency lockdown occurs, secure an area as follows:
    1. Move immediately to the nearest room you feel is safe. Quickly encourage others to join.
    2. Lock and barricade the door.
    3. Turn off lights or maintain minimal lighting.
    4. Cover all windows with blinds, curtains, etc.
    5. Keep back from windows and doors.
    6. Lie flat on floor and take cover out of sight.
    7. Turn off cell phones except to report injured people.
    8. Keep calm and quiet.
    9. If fire alarm sounds, DO NOT respond ­normally as fire alarm may be a ploy by armed intruder. Remain calm in lockdown secure area if safe to do so. In case of fire, follow fire/­evacuation procedures.
    10. Stay in room until police arrive. Remember it may be several hours before you can be safely evacuated.
  5. If someone is injured, follow these steps when safe to do so:
    1. Call 911 or Campus Safety at 3911 if using a Viterbo phone; 608-796-3911 or 608-780-1582 if using from a non-Viterbo phone (use a landline phone if possible).
    2. Place a sign on an exterior window to identify the location of injured people.
    3. When contacting authorities, report the ­following:
      1. Your specific location, the building name and office/room number,
      2. The number of people at your specific ­location,
      3. If there are injuries, the number and types of injuries, and
      4. If you have seen the assailant or identified a threat:
        • Location and number of suspects
        • Direction of travel
        • Clothing and description
        • Suspect’s identify if known
        • Any weapons or accessories (e.g., ­backpack), and
        • Any unusual or threatening sounds (e.g., gunfire or explosion)

Shelter in Place Procedures

  1. SHELTER-IN-PLACE Defined: Shelter-in-place is the use of any classroom, office or building for the purpose of providing temporary shelter. To shelter-in-place:
    1. Move indoors and remain there. Avoid windows and areas with glass.
    2. If available, take a smart phone, laptop or tablet computer, radio or television to the room to track emergency status.
    3. Keep telephone lines free for emergency personnel. Do not call 911 for information.
  2. To Shelter-in-Place in the event of a severe thunderstorm, tornado or related warning:
    1. Go to the lowest level of the building if possible.
    2. Stay away from windows.
    3. Go to an interior hallway.
    4. Use arms to protect head and neck in a “drop and tuck” position
    5. If unable to get inside, lie in a ditch area or near a strong building, use arms to protect head and neck in a “drop and tuck” position, use jacket/cap/backpack to protect face and eyes.
  3. To Shelter-in-Place for Hazardous Materials:
    1. Select room(s) which is easy to seal and if possible has a water supply and access to restrooms.
    2. If you smell a gas or vapor, hold a wet cloth loosely over your nose and mouth and breathe through it in as normal a fashion as possible.
    3. Remain in shelter areas until “all clear” ­signal is given by law enforcement or emergency ­personnel.