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Emergency Response Plan

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Hazardous Materials, Spills, or Leaks

  1. Only trained and authorized personnel are permitted to respond to hazardous material incidents.
  2. For major hazardous spills or leaks, immediately evacuate the area, closing doors behind you. For a minor hazardous spill or leak, follow departmental protocol.
  3. Call 911 and calmly state your name, phone number, type of emergency, the building and exact location.
  4. Call Campus Safety at 3911 if using a Viterbo phone; 608-796-3911 or 608-780-1582 if using a non-Viterbo phone.
  5. Contact Physical Plant at 608-769-3402.
  6. Do not attempt to clean up the spill yourself.  Provide clean-up/rescue personnel with -appropriate materials safety sheets and other pertinent information.
  7. If someone is splashed with a chemical, immediately flush the contaminated area with water and obtain medical assistance.