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Viterbo Helpdesk Technology FAQ

How do I stay safe online?(1)

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How do I stay safe online?

We recommend the following for keeping information in your Viterbo Account and other Online information safe.

1) Log out of a public computer.

2) Have a password on all Mobile Devices.

3) Create Secure Passwords and Change them regularly.

4) Keep your computer protected by running operating system, Quicktime, Java, and Adobe update regularly.

5) Have a virus & spyware scanner that is running and automatically updates.

How do I access my Viterbo University Moodle Account?(1)

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How do I access my Viterbo University Moodle Account?

1. Go to www.viterbo.edu/myvu or directly to http://moodle.viterbo.edu
2. Click on the Moodle log

Moodle access - Moodle Login

3. Enter your login information in the login block (same as email and VitNet).

4. Once Moodle opens, you will see a list of your classes.

5. Click on the name of your class.

Moodle access - course list