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Alumni Association Emeritus Board

The purpose of the Emeritus Board is to:

  • serve in an advisory capacity to the current Board;
  • provide expertise and support to the current Board;
  • serve as an ambassador of the University and its Alumni.

The Emeritus Board consists of past Alumni Association Board members that have served for two terms. The Emeritus Board has been active in hosting and sponsoring special alumni events and activities.

Emeritus Board Members

Nancy Allen '84
Therese Amel '76
Beth Dolder-Zieke '88
John Dunnum '87
Carolyn (Roy) Hogan '63
Kathy Ivey '95
Melanie Johnson '86
Rose Ann (Mashak) Kazmierczak '61
Thomas Knothe '86
Dawn Kutt, FSPA '87
Marie Leon La Croix, FSPA '45
Diane Osterhaus Neefe '81
Linda Pfaff '92
Rochelle Potaracke, FSPA '64
Rita Rathburn, FSPA '53
Shawn Sackman '99
Theresa Smerud '80
Amy Thornton '06
Carlene Unser, FSPA '53
Colleen Walsh '63
Mary Wetterling '90
Christopher Wood '97