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Emergency Response Plan

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Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation Procedures

  1. Determine the nearest exit to you: location and the best route to follow. If time permits during the evacuation, secure your workplace and take ­personal items. In most emergencies, complete evacuation of the campus is not necessary. If there is a hazardous material release, flooding or other major incident, it may be necessary to relocate to a safer location.
  2. Begin evacuation immediately upon hearing alarm or official announcement.
  3. Close office doors and turn off lights and ­computers.
  4. Use designated corridors to fire exit stairs that lead to ground level. Leave the building in an orderly manner. Do not use elevators.
  5. Once outside, stay at least 300 feet from the ­building.
  6. Follow instructions of emergency personnel. ­Report persons left in building to them.
  7. Do not reenter building until all clear is given by emergency personnel.

Evacuating Persons with ­Disabilities/Special Needs

  1. Instructors and supervisors should be proactive and be aware of people who will need assistance.
    1. Assisting the blind/visually impaired:
      1. Clearly announce the type of emergency.
      2. Offer your arm or to hold the person’s hand to help guide the individual.
      3. Tell the person where you are going, and alert him/her to obstacles along the way.
    2. Assisting the deaf/hearing impaired:
      1. Gain the person’s attention.
      2. Indicate directions with gestures or a written note.
    3. Assisting the mobility-impaired/wheelchair ­users:
      1. Elevators should not be used to move people with disabilities/special needs.
      2. Seek volunteers to assist students/­personnel with physical disabilities to the nearest enclosed stairway or designated areas for rescue.
      3. Others should advise emergency ­personnel of the location so the evacuation can be completed.
      4. If an imminent danger situation exists and the person requests assistance in evacuation before emergency personnel can arrive, assist in finding volunteers to evacuate the person according to his/her instructions.