4/23/2014 2:30:37 PM::This is a drill: A tornado WARNING including Viterbo’s campus is in effect until 2:45PM SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY in designated areas until ALL CLEAR is issued

This is a TEST DRILL. A Tornado WATCH is in effect for the area including Viterbo. A WATCH indicates tornado conditions exist in the area and weather should be closely monitored. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME. A TORNADO WARNING requiring your evacuation to designated areas will be issued at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Meet the President

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President's Cabinet


Richard Artman, Ph.D.
Office: Reinhart Center Room 103
Phone: 608-796-3001
Fax: 608-796-3004
Email: rbartman@viterbo.edu

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Barbara Gayle
Office: Murphy Center Room 230
Phone: 608-796-3081
Fax: 608-796-3083
Email: bmgayle@viterbo.edu

Vice President for Student Development

Diane Brimmer
Office: Student Development Center Room 2
Phone: 608-796-3801
Fax: 608-796-3803
Email: dlbrimmer@viterbo.edu

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Todd Ericson
Office: Murphy Center Room 214
Phone: 608-796-3856
Fax: 608-796-3859
Email: tmericson@viterbo.edu

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Gary Klein
Office: Reinhart Center Room 103
Phone: 608-796-3074
Fax: 608-796-3004
Email: glklein@viterbo.edu

Vice President for Communications and Marketing

Pat Kerrigan
Office: Reinhart Center Room 007
Phone: 608-796-3041
Fax: 608-796-3050
Email: pgkerrigan@viterbo.edu

Dean of Admission

Robert Forget
Office: Reinhart Center Room 113
Phone: 608-796-3012
Fax: 608-796-3020
Email: rlforget@viterbo.edu


Fr. Conrad Targonski, OFM
Office: Murphy Center Room 333
Phone: 608-796-3804
Fax: 608-796-3050
Email: catargonski@viterbo.edu