Academic Advising

academic advising

Academic Advising Handbook

Dear Colleague,

Academic advising is recognized as an essential educational service provided by professional personnel at colleges and universities. The literature indicates that good advising results in improved academic performance and persistence as well as better student attitudes, self-concept, and intellectual and interpersonal development. Although academic advising is only one among several professional priorities, it is the primary means of helping students to be knowledgeable about and to benefit from the vast array of pragmatic assistance available relating to student's educational and personal goals.

This Academic Advising Handbook has been developed to assist you in your role as advisor at Viterbo. It has been designed to serve as a reference for useful and pertinent information.

The Handbook is divided into three sections:

  • Section I contains general information on academic advisement. It provides a short history on academic advising along with the mission and core values of our program.
  • Section II is a collection of resource materials that should contribute to your understanding of your responsibility as an academic advisor and your importance in the total educational goals of Viterbo University.
  • Section III contains information on policies and procedures at Viterbo. The information here highlights some of the important considerations that also may be found in the University Catalog or Student Handbook—two documents that you will also need to be familiar with.

You are encouraged to refer to this Handbook often and to utilize it completely as you advise your students. Make your role as an advisor more than a signature on a registration form. Engage yourself with your advisee so that the advisee who is well served by you and the advising system will be a better learner and a better person.

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please share them with me.

Lisa Konkel
Assistant Director of Student Success and Retention
Center for Student Success
Murphy Center room 333