4/23/2014 2:30:37 PM::This is a drill: A tornado WARNING including Viterbo’s campus is in effect until 2:45PM SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY in designated areas until ALL CLEAR is issued

This is a TEST DRILL. A Tornado WATCH is in effect for the area including Viterbo. A WATCH indicates tornado conditions exist in the area and weather should be closely monitored. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME. A TORNADO WARNING requiring your evacuation to designated areas will be issued at approximately 2:30 p.m.


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Graduate Studies

Join Viterbo University students in honing your leadership skill, abilities, and knowledge with an advanced degree.

Graduate Programs in Education

The Master of Arts in Education provides professional teachers with a meaningful and exciting avenue for personal growth and development. Viterbo’s program looks beyond professional knowledge to include personal growth and development, the questioning of values, and appreciation for the mission of the teacher.

Master of Arts in Servant Leadership

The Master of Arts in Servant Leadership brings together people who aspire to leadership positions in public and private sector organizations. By promoting ethical decision-making, theological reflection, leadership skills, and public activity, this program supports and affirms people who seriously embrace their vocation to serve in the world and the church.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration program develops an influential network of informed, ethical, and effective leaders who are committed to making a positive impact on organizations, the community, and the world.

Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling

The Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling prepares graduates to serve some of the most disenfranchised in our society, those affected by mental health and substance abuse disorders, and to transform despair into hope. It is designed to meet state requirements for licensure as mental health counselors in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Doctorate of Nursing Practice

The Doctorate of Nursing Practice prepares nursing leaders who are dedicated to improving the health outcomes of diverse populations through advanced knowledge and skills, ethical leadership, and faithful service within their chosen roles and settings.