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BSN Completion

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Program Requirements


To be admitted to the B.S.N. Completion program, applicants must have an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Registered Nurse Diploma from a regionally accredited college or technical school. Also, students must show documentation of an active U. S. registered nurse license or its international equivalent prior to beginning the second session of nursing courses in the program.

Graduates of foreign schools of nursing are not required to have a current nursing license if such credentialing is not required by the country in which they practice.

Readmission Policy

An individual previously dismissed from the School of Nursing shall be required to complete a readmission packet for the respective program (traditional or B.S.N. Completion program). The packet shall be obtained from the assistant dean of the program to which the individual is seeking readmission. The completed readmission packet will be evaluated on an individual basis by the assistant dean and a readmission board.

Nursing Major (B.S.N. Completion) – Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • core curriculum and mission seminars – see the degree requirements section of this catalog
  • major requirements– NURS 340, 346, 408, 435, 450, 451, 472, 481
  • support courses– ENGL 307, MATH 130 or 230
  • final degree requirements– see the degree requirements section of this catalog

The total credits of the major and support course requirements are 29-30. The core curriculum and mission seminars require 35-43 credits. A total of 128 credits, 43 of which need to be at the 300/400 level, are required to graduate. Transfer course and waivers and/or substitutions could modify these credit totals.

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Nursing Courses

Nursing Courses Descriptions