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Madison Class Site Information

Lakeland College-Madison Campus
1650 Pankratz Street 
Madison, WI  53704

*Exit #132 (US-51 South); Pankratz Street.   Located down the street from MATC.  

  • No parking permit required.
  • Classrooms:  Room # TBA; sign will be by the  front door
  • Students should eat lunch in the student lounge; only beverages and/or light snacks are permitted in the classroom.
  • No regular computers for student use. Students may bring their personal laptops.
  • Wi-Fi available for faculty/students.
  • Copies can be made.  Students must inform Lakeland staff when copies are needed.
  • Site does not open till 8:15.
  • Classes meet one day per week and the semester is comprised of two 7-week sessions, with a one-week break between sessions.