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Frequently asked questions from adult learners:

Will my transfer credits from other colleges apply to my program at Viterbo?
Yes, we are flexible in accepting transfer credits. Viterbo is committed to providing opportunities for students to earn their degrees by transferring credits from all other regionally accredited institutions.

Will I have time to fit college into my busy life?
Being successful in college does take time but our supportive faculty and staff understand that you are juggling work, kids and other commitments. We are here to help you create a schedule that will work in your life and we can provide you with numerous helpful resources.

Will I be able to afford it?
You can apply for federal and state aid, and the research supports that college does pay. While the median high-school graduate age 25 and older earns about $26,000, the median college graduate age 25 and older earns about $42,000. That's an annual income premium of about $16,000, or around 60 percent. Also, a college education will open doors to new career paths. Yes, you may have to take out students loans but eventually your earnings will outweigh the costs.

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