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Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Development

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The Dahl School of Business’ Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Development (CNLD) prepares you to become a more effective nonprofit partner as well as a more valuable contributor to the broader community. Through real-world case studies, small group discussions, and interactive presentations, the Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Development will help you approach your nonprofit duties with a better understanding of how nonprofits function and the issues they face in today’s complex environment. You will gain a deeper understanding of how effective nonprofits and their boards function and will be able to incorporate broader strategic considerations into your nonprofit work.

The Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Development is designed for:

  • people interested in volunteering for nonprofit board service.
  • newer board members looking to develop a broader understanding of board functions and operations.
  • nonprofit staff and administrators.
  • church board members, staff, and administrators.
  • experienced board members looking to sharpen their board skills, recharge their commitment to board service,and connect with like-minded individuals who face common issues.

The Dahl School's Nonprofit Leadership Development advantage:

  • Comprehensive: A nine-month program that meets one morning a month and covers a broad range of topics relevant to the nonprofit leader.
  • Collegial:An interactive and collaborative learning environment where facilitators incorporate both instruction and application exercises.
  • Applied:Facilitators are professional experts in their field who use real-world experiences in their class facilitation.
  • Networking Opportunity:An opportunity for like-minded nonprofit and community leaders to establish long-term relationships.

Get the most out of your nonprofit service.