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IA Early Childhood Education 106

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Iowa Early Childhood #106:

Elsamiller, Rebecca
EDUC 558:  Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Fracek, Eugene
EDUC 571:  Field Experience Birth – 36 months
EDUC 572:  Field Experience 3-4 year olds
EDUC 574:  Field Experience Kindergarten
EDUC 575:  Field Experience Grade 1-3

Mixdorf, Kristi
EDUC 569:  Nutrition in ECE
EDUC 530:  Movement & Play in Early Childhood

Prohaska, Allison
EDUC 681:  Emergent Literacy Pre-K-3

Stanfel, Andrea
EDUC 564:  Family and Community in ECE

VanderPloeg, Sherry
EDUC 562:  Organization & Administration of ECE
EDUC 526:  Introduction to Early Childhood

Wonders, Kate
EDUC 557:  Creative Arts for Young Children
EDUC 526:  Introduction to Early Childhood
EDUC 552:  Early Childhood Curriculum & Assessment I
EDUC 553:  Early Childhood Curriculum & Assessment II
EDUC 526:  Introduction to Early Childhood

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