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IA Early Childhood Education 106

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Expectations for Early Childhood Endorsement Capstone Portfolio Presentations

Within 4 weeks after their final Early Childhood field experience, candidates for the Early Childhood endorsement must submit an electronic capstone portfolio.

  • Presentations must include at least ONE activity/experience and reflection for each of the Early Childhood program standards.
  • Students will clearly explain how the activity or experiences address the standard and helped them gain skills and expertise in the standard.
  • If an activity is student participation in a meeting, workshop, or conference, students will explain how they applied this experience in regard to the content area standards.
  • The presentation will include specific key learnings from each activity or experience.
  • Artifacts or evidence will be provided for each of the activities/experiences.  
  • Students will select 3 "best work" examples from their coursework to include in the presentation. 
  • Portfolio presentations will include a discussion of three specific areas of growth that developed for them during the endorsement program, as well as goals for future growth in at least one area (standard).
  • Portfolios should be professional to the extent that they could be used for interviews for teaching or teacher leadership positions.

Portfolio Rubric

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Kathleen Wynn, Iowa Graduate Student Advisor at kmwynn@viterbo.edu or 515-224-5944