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IA Middle School 182

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Required Courses - Course Descriptions

EDUC 517:  Understanding the Young Adolescent 
This course provides an overview of early adolescent development from the ages of 1015 years. Information about physical development, cognitive development, social development, emotional and personality development will be explored. Application and problem solving will be emphasized in this course.- 3 credits

EDUC 628:  Models for Teaching Middle School Students 
This course examines strategies and educational components that create a learning environment to address the complex needs of adolescent students. It includes specific methodologies and material pertaining to the basic functions of middle level education including: integration, exploration, guidance, differentiation, socialization, and articulation. It investigates recent research and practical applications. - 3 credits

EDUC 531:  Adolescent Literacy 
This course will explore the current development and practice of adolescent literacy in a changing world. Globalization means middle and high school students will find themselves in a world that requires ingenuity, imagination, and empathy, and will require employees who are willing to take risks and work cooperatively. With this in mind, this course will use a variety of texts to synthesize literacy strategies about reading, writing, speaking and thinking in the adolescent world, including how to adapt to the increase of technology in everyday use. - 3 credits

EDUC 516:  Middle School Field Experience
Supervised middle school clinical experiences with emphasis on the infusion of the experience with the growth and development of the middle school age child, middle school design, curriculum, instruction, and assessment and literacy strategies for students in grades 5-8. A minimum of 30 hours in varied middle school experiences is expected. Field experience reflections addressing the National Middle School standards will be compiled into a field experience portfolio. Restricted to students admitted to the middle school endorsement program. May be repeated for credit. - 2 credits

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