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Music Department

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Formal Admission Hearing: Bachelor of Music in Music Performance

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance may choose an emphasis in piano, piano pedagogy, voice, and/or vocal pedagogy. Formal admission is attained by completing a performance hearing for a faculty committee. For incoming freshmen and underclass transfer students, the hearing should take place no later than the fourth semester of fulltime study as a music major. For upperclass transfer students, no later than the second semester of fulltime study as a music major. Hearing requirements are posted online in the department handbook.


Student responsibilities for the Formal Admission Hearing: 

  • Prepare a 15-20 minute program of memorized music of contrasting styles and periods. For singers, in at least three languages.
  • The committee should consist of the faculty in the major applied area (piano or vocal).
  • Hearing times are available at the end of each semester during Juries. If the student chooses to set up a hearing at another time, they should communicate both the date and time to the committee members and accompanist.
  • Prepare a printed program for the committee members of repertoire to be performed for the hearing.
  • Complete the Formal Admission Hearing Form  for PIANO (pdf) or VOICE  (pdf) and submit it to your applied teacher.
  • The committee will notify the student of Full Acceptance, Acceptance with Conditions, or Non-acceptance.
  • Any exceptions to this procedure must be submitted in writing to the Music Department Faculty.