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This is a TEST DRILL. A Tornado WATCH is in effect for the area including Viterbo. A WATCH indicates tornado conditions exist in the area and weather should be closely monitored. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME. A TORNADO WARNING requiring your evacuation to designated areas will be issued at approximately 2:30 p.m.


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Student Testimonials

"Majoring in philosophy at Viterbo was one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. The program offers a wide variety of classes that allow you to be exposed to the continental tradition...What makes the program unique is the breadth of knowledge, flexibility, energy, and guidance Professors Howard and Harwood contain. You will learn what is required to be a true scholar...The program has provided me a strong philosophical grounding that has prepared me for a master's in Public Policy with a concentration on philosophy and social policy."

Travis Thibodeau, 2010 graduate with a double major in Philosophy and English (currently studying for a Master's in Public Policy at George Washington University)

"The philosophy department of Viterbo University is the best department in the entire school.  The staff is dedicated to student learning and development.  They are concerned with details and personalization of student learning, interests and projects."

Diana Stelter, Senior with a major in Philosophy

"It's difficult to explain, but it was fantastic that I ended up being able to choose a topic that meant something to me.  What I've come to realize about philosophy is that as a field, it's many different things for many people...The experiences of questioning in dialogue, group education, and understanding through relationships--the things that brought me to the academic table and taught me the power of mind--are to be both the experiences examined and the method of examination in my life and work from here forward."

Adam Alexander, 2010 graduate with a double major in Philosophy and Psychology (currently studying for a graduate degree in Philosophy of Education at Columbia)

"Philosophy is crucially influential in Western thought and a fundamental discipline to apply towards academic, societal and personal affairs. When I took my first philosophy course I was intimidated from these dense connotations that can trail the topic of "philosophy". However, from Philosophy, along with Religious Studies, I realized my appreciation and passion for the discipline; I find myself continually challenged to critically examine my life and the world around me.  Having my major in Religious Studies and Philosophy has established connections between the two studies, but it goes even beyond the academic setting.  Philosophy is the kind of study that goes well with any major, especially with its reflective thoughts and critical dialogue that is vital in any profession."

—Molly Shannon, Junior in Religious Studies and Philosophy, 2012