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Liberal Arts Education

A liberal arts education is one that doesn’t teach you the answers, but helps you understand  how to ask questions. Viterbo’s academic programs are firmly rooted in the liberal arts, providing our students with broad knowledge and the freedom to sample a variety of disciplines, thus preparing them for an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

As a student at Viterbo, you will study a broad range of subjects—from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities—so that you may fully appreciate and understand the world and your role in it. Whatever major you choose, you will acquire a solid foundation in the liberal arts along with in-depth study in your chosen field of concentration.

Viterbo’s academic programs will prepare you not only for the workplace, but for learning and growing outside your chosen profession. Because employers value the skills inherent in a liberal arts education, students are given the opportunity to:
• think critically and creatively
• communicate effectively
• integrate knowledge from different disciplines
• apply knowledge and skills in real world settings

Learn more about the LIVE Core Curriculum and Viterbo’s academic majors and programs.