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Master of Arts in Servant Leadership

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Who is participating in the program?

MASL GraduatesOne of the unique features of the Masters of Arts in Servant Leadership program is that it brings together a variety of people who aspire to serve through leadership positions in church, community, or business. The current program participants include:

  • a federal bank examiner
  • a tax accountant who owns her own company
  • director of a spirituality center
  • youth ministers
  • campus ministers
  • elementary teachers - public and private schools
  • nurses and nurse managers
  • a job placement consultant for the State of Wisconsin
  • CFO of a non-profit social service agency
  • directors of religious education in parishes
  • medical doctor
  • large animal veterinarian and dairy farmer
  • Catholic high school religion teachers

Here's what they have to say…

Klos, JamesI believe in my future as an administrator. It will be a perfect fit in improving my staff, students and community. The program has been outstanding. I have realized my weaknesses along with my strengths, which will make me a better leader.

James L. Klos, La Crosse, Wis.
Science Teacher

Kirst, CharleneServant leadership is a culminating word that brings to life the practices and principles that have been part of my life for 20 years. As an undergraduate, Viterbo showed me that gaining an education can be an uplifting experience. This realization began a process in me of seeking a graduate education that was a reflection of the spirit of Viterbo University and my own spirit. The servant leadership program fits so uniquely into the work that I do presently in the church and the community, and will contribute to the future work I feel called to do in ministry.

Charlene W. Kirst, Bangor, Wis.
Ordained Minister and Facilitator of Women United

Anderson, RobinTo be successful in a world economy, American business must change its management models. Servant leadership makes sense for American culture and is less threatening to other cultures. I am so impressed with the professors and with the credentials, backgrounds, and insights of the students. This is the most helpful, relevant professional development I've ever done.

Robin Anderson, Mason City, Iowa
Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce

Vande Hey, CeliaThe flexibility of the program really interested me as well as the real life application of the content. I also liked the prayer aspect and centrality of Christ, and the reflection of ourselves by ourselves. The Viterbo experience has been a spiritual experience. I loved having the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration on campus and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. The genuine instructors at Viterbo are invaluable.

Celia Vande Hey, Appleton, Wis.
Youth Ministry Coordinator

Harr, MarciaServant leadership relates to every industry and type of organization. People who practice servant leadership will have successful organizations. The coursework is extremely interesting. I'm so excited to start reading the required material and do the research! The quality of faculty is outstanding and their teaching style keeps me on my toes!

Marcia Harr, Stoughton, Wis.

Newkirk, ChristineServant leadership is a Christ-centered example of leadership. It is versatile in its uses and practicality. Servant leadership invites collaboration and empowerment of leaders and followers. My experience at Viterbo has been very positive; challenging in a life-giving way. I appreciate the opportunity to integrate prayer and reflection as part of my learning experience. The professors at Viterbo truly embody the concepts of servant leadership, which was evident in their lives through the stories they shared as part of the educational process.

Christine Newkirk, Ladysmith, Wis.
Assistant Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Superior

Egensperger, Rose MarieServant leadership is an opportunity to learn to lead through service, to be a true servant to a community and be able to truly listen to others and empower them to use their gifts to continue empowering the community. It has been wonderful to be among others who are as eager as I am to be servant leaders and while we do not all come from the same perspectives we had discussions that were lively and respectful.

Rose Marie Egensperger, Cleveland, Ohio
Pastoral Minister, Coordinator of Health Outreach

Mauthe, MikeThe summer institute format is very convenient and the program directors are very flexible. I was drawn to servant leadership because it crosses over with skills that can be used in both my career and my private life. The sense of camaraderie with the Viterbo community and especially within the classes has been very rewarding. Also, the diversity of experience within the program from executives to administrators to ministers to family people, brings real credibility to the outlooks and opinions formed in the program.

Mike Mauthe, Neenah, Wis.
High School Educator

Gunderson, TroyServant Leadership and this program are a wonderful opportunity for a critical study of how best to lead others through service. It provides an opportunity to match your personal mission of helping and serving others with your professional goals of providing organizational leadership. The staff at Viterbo has been wonderful. They are living the servant leadership model.

Troy Gunderson, Superintendent
West Salem School District, Wis.