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Educational Studies 

Educational Studies Major (Bachelor of Science in Education)

Note – this major does not meet the requirements for state teaching licensure.

  • core curriculum and mission seminars – see the core curriculum section of this catalog
  • major requirements – develop a self-designed major in elementary education or a 6–12 or P–12 content area approved by the dean of the School of Education. This must include a primary area of concentration of at least 18 credits (12 credits must be upper division) and a secondary area of concentration to include a minimum of 12 credits from a single discipline (nine credits must be upper division).
  • final degree requirements – see the degree requirements section of this catalog
    The total credits of the major requirements are 30. The core curriculum and mission seminars require 38-52 credits. A total of 128 credits, 43 of which need to be at the 300/400 level, are required to graduate. Transfer course and waivers and/or substitutions could modify these credit totals.