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2013–2014 Undergraduate Catalog

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Other Academic Programs

French Studies

Viterbo University students may earn a certificate in French Studies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UW-L). The tuition to complete the certificate would be covered under the UW-L/Viterbo University co-op agreement. (See relevant section of this catalog.) The certificate is earned and awarded completely at UW-L and the credits would transfer to Viterbo University as elective credits and be applicable to the core curriculum requirements per policy. No notation of completion would be noted on the Viterbo University transcript. Notation would be on the UW-L transcript per UW-L policy. Students intending on pursuing the certificate are subject to UW-L/Viterbo University co-op agreement policy and to UW-L certificate policy. Interested students should contact the chair of the world languages department.