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2013–2014 Undergraduate Catalog

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Other Academic Programs

Honors Program

Honors Program


Three courses designated as Honors classes, although a student may substitute the following.

  • contract in a traditional core curriculum or major course; with permission of the instructor (maximum of two)
  • study abroad course or semester (maximum of one)
  • approved undergraduate research project that is above and beyond the requirements for the major (maximum of one)

Four three-credit Mission Seminars. Honors sections of the mission seminars will be offered, but a student may also develop a contract in a traditional mission seminar, with instructor permission.

  • VUSM 100, Franciscan Values and Traditions (offered as an Honors section every fall including a required retreat experience)
  • VUSM 200, Living in a Changing, Diverse World (offered as an Honors section in the spring semester)
  • VUSM 300, The Common Good (offered as an Honors section in the fall to allow connection to the Humanities Symposium theme)
  • VUSM 400, The Ethical Life (offered as an Honors section every spring and will include significant Honors capstone project and presentation at the spring Scholar’s Day event)