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2013–2014 Undergraduate Catalog

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Religious Studies 

Religious Studies Minor

Religious Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

  • core curriculum and mission seminars – see the core curriculum section of this catalog
  • major requirements– PHIL 310, RLST 160, 222, 230, 260, 280, 331, 333, 348, 433, 465, 481, six credits of PHIL, six credits of RLST electives
    PHIL 312 highly recommended.
  • School of Letters and Sciences graduation requirement and final degree requirements – see the degree requirements section of this catalog for specific requirements of this major, the Bachelor of Arts or Science degree, as well as final graduation requirements
    The total credits of the major course requirements are 47. The core curriculum and mission seminars require 38-52 credits. A total of 128 credits, 43 of which need to be at the 300/400 level, are required to graduate. Transfer course, waivers and/or substitutions, and prerequisite courses could modify these credit totals.