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Undergraduate Catalog

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Technology Education  


  • Students are permitted to take only six hours of 300 level professional education sequence courses prior to admission to the teacher education program.  

Technology Education Major (Bachelor of Science)

  • core curriculum and mission seminars – see the core curriculum section of this catalog Education majors are required to take specific core curriculum courses to satisfy DPI licensure requirements.
  • major requirements – EDUT 100, 104, 120, 154, 166, 173, 194, 196, 215, 219, 228, 232, 233, 241, 242, 244, 248, 252, 253, 263; 11 credits from a technical emphasis (see listing below)
  • education requirements – EDUC 150, 215, 255, 306, 316, 330, 337, 390, 402, 425, 463, 482
  • final degree requirements – see the degree requirements section of this catalog
    The total credits of the major and education requirements are 89-96. The core curriculum and mission seminars require 38-52 credits. A total of 128 credits, 43 of which need to be at the 300/400 level, are required to graduate. Transfer course and waivers and/or substitutions could modify these credit totals.  


EDUT 198, CNC: Basic CAM 1; EDUT 199, CNC Applications; EDUT 200, CNC: Basic CAM 2; EDUT 220, Fundamentals of Electronics and Fabrication; EDUT 229, Fabrication Techniques II; EDUT 231, AC Circuits; EDUT 240, Engineering Materials; EDUT 246, Auto CAD Level II, EDUT 247, Solid Works; EDUT 254, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications



EDUT 164, Cabinet and Furniture Making I; EDUT 165, Cabinet and Furniture Making II; EDUT 174, Estimating Bids and Specs; EDUT 176, Blueprint Reading II; EDUT 177, Blueprint Reading III; EDUT 179, Fundamentals Building Construction II; EDUT 180, Framing Techniques for Wood Construction I; EDUT 181, Framing Techniques for Wood Construction II; EDUT 182, Interior Trim Wood Construction I; EDUT 183, Interior Trim Wood Construction II


General Technology

Students pursuing a general integrated emphasis can select from any of the courses listed in the emphasis categories, but must have representation of two or more areas. Students can also select from Viterbo University courses CISS 260, 302, INFO 150, 200, 230, 310.


Graphic Communications

EDUT 101, Web Design I; EDUT 105, Design Fundamentals; EDUT 106, Flash Design; EDUT 108, Motion Graphics; EDUT 111, Digital Photography; EDUT 125, Prepress Technology


Power, Energy and Transportation

EDUT 152, Automotive Electronics; EDUT 155, Basic Maintenance; EDUT 190, Basic Hydraulics; EDUT 205, HVACR Refrigeration; EDUT 206, HVACR Basic CAD; EDUT 208, HVACR Forced Air Heating; EDUT 209, HVACR Energy; EDUT 220, Fundamentals of Electronics and Fabrication; EDUT 229, Fabrication Techniques II