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Library Service Guidelines based on Institutional Values

Contemplation, as we reflect upon the presence of God in our lives and work...

Incorporate a quiet "listening" quality in our interactions.  Provide areas, as possible, for serenity and tranquil reflection.

Hospitality, as we welcome everyone we encounter as an honored guest...

Make every effort to be approachable, non-judgmental, and JOYFUL, using courtesy and respect.  Train students to strive for these attributes of hospitality as well.

Integrity, as we strive for honesty in everything we say and do...

Strive for excellence and reliability in our work; do not be afraid to do the right thing.

Stewardship, as we practice responsible use of all resources in our trust...

Make best use of personal gifts and intellect to best fulfill individual responsibilities.  Be accountable, exercising effective, efficient, and prudent use of resources in the use of institutional assets under our control.

Service, as we work for the common good in the spirit of humility and joy...

Be generous and gracious in providing excellence in carrying out our duties.  Build community with unselfishness and a true concern for the needs of others, as it is in our community that we will find our collective identity.

Library Service Guidelines PDF