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Residence Life

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Viterbo University Housing and Dining Service Agreement Release Information

The term of the contract is the entire academic year (both semesters). For those who sign a contract after the beginning of an academic year, the contract is in effect for the remainder of the academic year.

Contract Release before May 1

Students are required to submit a $100 deposit with their Housing and Dining Service Agreement each academic year. A student who wishes to break his/her contract and receive a refund of the deposit must contact the Director of Residence Life, Vickie Unferth, vlunferth@viterbo.edu before May 1.

Contract Release after May 1

Housing deposits will not be refunded to a student who breaks his/her contract after May 1. A student who wishes to break his/her contract after May 1 must complete the Release from Housing and Dining Service Agreement. The request will be reviewed by the Director of Residence Life. A request for cancellation of the contract is reviewed to determine if the circumstances or the situation meet the three criteria necessary to be judged unusual and compelling:

  • A significant change must have occurred in the resident's situation since the beginning of the term of the contract.
  • The significant change must have been an event which could not reasonably have been expected by the resident.
  • The significant change must have serious negative consequences which make continued residency inadvisable.