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Academic Resource Center (ARC)

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Summer Tutoring through the ARC

All of the summer tutoring offered for writing and math will be Online.

Writing Assistance

Writing assistance for graduate and undergraduate students is being offered by Lindsay Cummings, Viterbo's Graduate Writing Specialist.

The procedure for summer writing assistance is as follows:  

1.  Students can send papers as an email attachment to : Students should provide:

  • course name and number
  • program of study
  • concerns or instructions regarding the assignment

2. The writing specialist will reply by email within 24 hours to estimate the length of time needed to provide feedback.  The specialist will then review and return the paper within two to three days of receiving the initial email.

3. The process is not intended to provide “expert” commentary concerning subject content.  Also, this is not a proofreading service—the writing specialist will not edit students’ papers.  Comments are generally restricted to essay structure, coherence, logic, supporting evidence, grammar, and punctuation. The writing specialist can answer questions about formatting in APA, MLA, and Chicago Style.

Please note: Depending on the volume of requests, availability of writing assistance may be adjusted throughout the summer.  Lindsay Cummings will use an out-of-the-office email message to communicate with students the dates she will be unavailable for tutoring over the summer. 

Math Assistance

Math assistance is being provided by Beth Gaedy, Viterbo's Math Specialist. To request tutoring, please email her at Indicate the course name for which you are requesting help, and identify a few available times that you can meet online. Please allow 24 hours for a reply during the week, and 48 hours on the weekend for her reply that will indicate how and when to meet online.

The online math tutoring will be through a virtual site that will allow for Real-Time tutoring through the use of a chat room, white board, and potentially a webcam. To participate you need to have access to a computer, preferably one with speakers and a microphone or webcam. Headphones are suggested. Group sessions are also possible. Details on how to access the tutoring site will be provided when the tutoring is set up.

Additional Tutoring Requests

For additional tutoring requests, please contact Jane Eddy, Director of the Academic Resource Center at (608) 796-3194, or by email at