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Institutional Advancement

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Non-Scholarship Funds

*Please note- Scholarships without links have no application/are determined without an application. Thank you.

  • Ron Amel Mentorship for Undergraduate Research
  • James and Diana Birnbaum Education and Social Science Research Scholar Program
  • Class of 1999 Endowed Library Operations
  • Paula Ripple Comin Endowed Lectureship
  • Community Interpreting Service Trip Scholarship
  • Sr. Joyce Conwell Endowed Chemistry
  • Dorothy and Lew Dedo Family Honor Student
  • Dr. Monica A. Dixon International Travel Endowment
  • Eileen Walsh Doyle Servant Leadership Endowment
  • Ronnie Eastman Golf Invitational Endowment
  • Educational Ventures Endowment
  • Ethics Chair Endowment
  • Faculty Development Endowment
  • Francis Clare Library Endowment
  • Global Education Endowment
  • Donald Gordon Trust Endowment
  • Hoeschler Family Student Emergency Fund Endowment
  • Greg and Diane Lind Nursing Faculty Development Endowment
  • Lukasek Family Endowment
  • Susan Ann Masewicz Research Scholars Endowment
  • Elaine and Jim Schauls Family Science Research Scholarship
  • Natural Sciences Division Student Travel Fund
  • Phillip G. and Lois F. Roets Award for Scientific Study and Research
  • Phillip G. and Lois F. Roets Award for Biblical Studies
  • Cindy Tierney Nurse Educator Endowment Fund
  • Student Research Travel Fund
  • Summer Research Scholars
  • Agnes W. H. Tan Endowed Fund for the School of Letters and Sciences
  • Technology Endowment