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Prayer/Meditation Topic Examples

Contemplation, reflecting upon the presence of God in our lives and work. 

Making a difficult decision, prayer for guidance, for wisdom, for recovery from sickness, for my personal intention, at the beginning of the day/week/year, evening prayer, for times of stress, for a more devout prayer life, for insights into a problem needing resolution, for a more consistent walk with God, for wisdom in dealing with enemies, for hope amidst hopelessness, sports (running, weight lifting, team sports, practice, game time, etc.).

Hospitality, welcoming everyone we encounter as an honored guest. 

For a fruitful meeting, welcoming prayer, for graduation day (graduates), for safe travels, for tolerance of all religions, for sharing the fruits of the earth, the labor of our hands, for welcoming strangers, for physical, mental, emotional healing, for forgiving personal enemies.

Integrity, striving for honesty in everything we say and do. 

For a good semester, for strength, for direction in life, for courage, for honesty in all conversations and communication, for diligence studying for final exams, for speaking truth to power, for personal accountability to promises made, testing, discerning majors, intrinsic love, finances, repentance.

Stewardship, practicing responsible use of all resources in our trust. 

For the Viterbo community, for my family, for my parents, for the church, for faithful leadership, for my teachers, in appreciation of our founders (FSPA), for control of personal finances, for local farmers and farm workers, for ethical treatment of all animals, for a healthy body and developing mind, for the poor and hungry of the world.

Service, working for the common good in the spirit of humility and joy. 

For service to others, blessings for our service trip, for nurses, for aspiring teachers, for clarity on life's career and work, for gratitude toward those with unglamorous, necessary jobs, for a greater opportunity to help and serve others, for health to complete daily tasks at school or work, fields of study (education, nursing, business, etc.), work.


Other prayer/meditation topics may include specific topics such as Viterbo University, athletics events, SGA, classes, graduations, ceremonies, service trips, special days of celebration, practices, clubs, extracurricular, etc.

This list of examples is not meant to be a limiting constraint on certain topics, but it is meant to be a guide to help those searching for a place to start. Please be creative and remember that all submissions will be used in a way that will hopefully facilitate prayer and personal reflection.

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