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Spring 2014 Schedule Addendum

This addendum will reflect all course section additions, cancellations, or time/date changes since the schedule was published on October 25, 2013. Please check the VitNet Search for Sections component for changes to instructors and/or rooms.

Traditional Undergraduate Changes 

ACCT-211-001 Financial Accounting
Section cancelled (12/10/13)

ACCT-416-001 Federal Taxation II
Time change to MWF 8:00-8:55am (11/11/13)

ARTS-105-004 Intro to Art
Time change to 8:00am-12:00pm (12/9/13)

ARTS-105-005 Intro to Art
Section added (1/31/14)

ARTS-115-001 Intro: Mthds and Media
Section cancelled (11/21/13)

BIOL-160-001 General Biology I
Lab time changed to 8:00-10:50am (11/14/13)

BIOL-306-001 Medical Progrm Exam Review
Time change to from M 2:30-3:25pm to W 3:35-4:30pm (10/29/13)

BIOL/CHEM-499-001 Senior Seminar
Time change to M 2:30-3:25pm (10/29/13)

CHEM-120-001 General Chem I
Section cancelled (12/11/13)

CHEM-340-001 Organic Chem II
Section cancelled (12/11/13)

COMM-150-001/008 Fundamentals of Speech
Sections cancelled (12/10/13)

DANC-100-001 Dance Appreciation
Time change to TR 2:00-3:20pm (10/30/13)

EDUC-255-002 Professional Issues
Time change to TR 8:00-9:20am (11/12/13)

ENGL-099-001 Pre-College English
Section cancelled (12/12/13)

ENGL-104-006 Composition and Literature
Section cancelled (12/2/13)

ENGL-105-002/003/004 Accelerated Composition
Sections 003/004 cancelled (12/2/13)
Section 002 cancelled (1/8/14)

ENGL-201-001 News Reporting and Writing
Time changed to MWF 11:15am-12:10pm (12/2/13)

ENGL-225-001 Writing in Sustainability
Section cancelled (12/12/13)

ENGL-307-001 Argumentative Writing
Section cancelled (12/12/13)

ENGL-307-011 Argumentative Writing
Section added (11/22/13)

ENGL-311-001 Creative Writing Fiction
Time change to Thursday 6:30-9:30pm (12/2/13)

ENVS-325-001 Environmental Sustainability
Section cancelled (1/14/14)

ESLP-100/105-001 College Writing/College Skills
Sections of 100/105 added (11/11/13)

HIST-105-002 World History to 1500
Section added (11/8/13)
Section cancelled (12/3/13)

HIST-112-004 US since 1877
Section added (2/6/14)

HIST-315-001 Building a New Europe
Section added (10/30/13)

HIST-466-001 Seminar II
Time change to Tuesdays 6-8pm (11/8/13)
Day change from Tuesdays to Wednesdays 6-8pm (11/21/13)

HIST-486-001 ST Modern Afro Amer Civil Rights
Time change to MW 3:35-4:55pm (10/30/13)

ITAL-102-001 Intro to Italian
Section cancelled (1/7/14)

MATH-130-003 Intro Statistics
Section cancelled (12/5/13)

MATH-220-001 Calculus I
Section cancelled (12/3/13)

MATH-230-001 Elements of Statistics
Tuesday 10:00-10:50am changed to Thursday 11:00-11:50am (11/15/13)

MATH-321-001 Differential Equations
Time change to MWF 10:10-11:05am (10/29/13)

MGMT-341-002 Prin Mgmt and Org Behvr
Section added (12/10/13)

MKTG-353-001 Market Research
Time change to TR 12:30-1:50pm (11/11/13)

MUSC-109-003 Music Appreciation
Section added (12/09/13)

MUSC-137/337-001 Concert Choir
Time on TR changed to 12:00-12:50pm (10/29/13)

MUSC-238-001 Diction II
Time changed to TR 11:00-11:50am (10/29/13)

MUSC-300-001 Music for Classroom Teacher
Days changed to MF 11:15am-12:10pm (11/22/13)

MUTH-171/371-002 Private Voice Lessons
Sections cancelled (12/5/13)

MUTH-286/486-001 ST The Business of Theatre
Time change to TR 3:00-4:20pm (11/4/13)

NUTR-273-002 Food Science
Section added (1/9/14)

PHIL-370-001 Philosophy of Art and Beauty
Section cancelled (12/11/13)

PHYS-102-001 Physical Science
Section cancelled (12/3/13)

PHYS-271-002 Intro Physics Lab II
Section cancelled (12/3/13)

PHYS-338-001 Biomechanics
Section cancelled (12/3/13)

PHYS-363-001 Modern Physics
Section cancelled (12/3/13)

PSYC-100-001 Effective Behavior
Section cancelled (12/5/13)

PSYC-171-004/005 General Psych
Sections cancelled (12/5/13)

PSYC-220-002 Lifespan Psychology
Time change to MWF 2:30-3:25pm (10/30/13)
Section cancelled (12/5/13)

PSYC-220-003 Lifespan Psychology
Time change to TR 12:30-1:50pm (10/30/13)

PSYC-223-001/002 Appld Stats Soc Sci
Section 002 cancelled (12/5/13)
Section 001 cancelled (1/7/14)

PSYC-305-001 Psychopharmacology
Section cancelled (12/11/13)

PSYC-320-001 Psych of Adulthood
Time change to TR 2:00-3:20pm (12/9/13)

PSYC-424-002 Motivational Interviewing
Section added (11/22/13)

RLST-160-007 Intro to Theology
Section cancelled (12/5/13)

RLST-342-007 Prspct in Chrstn Thlgy
Time change to 8:00am-12:00pm (12/9/13)

SOCL-223-001/002 Appld Stats Soc Sci
Section 002 cancelled (12/5/13)
Section 001 cancelled (1/7/14)

SPAN-101-001 Elem Span I
Section cancelled (12/5/13)

SPAN-102-001 Elem Span II
Tuesday time change to 11:00-11:50am (11/11/13)

SPAN-250-001 Intermediate Spanish
Section cancelled (12/5/13)

SPAN-301-001 Cul Stdy Spnsh Spk Wrld
Time change to Tuesday 6:00-9:00pm (11/4/13)

SPML-486-001 ST The Olympic Movement
Section cancelled (1/7/14)

SPSL-200-001 Mental Hlth First Aid
Section cancelled (2/21/14)

SUST-225-001 Writing in Sustainability
Section cancelled (12/12/13)

THTR-100-001 Apprec of Theatre
Section cancelled (12/9/13)

THTR-225-001 Intro to Directing
Time change to MW 8:00-9:20am (10/31/13)

THTR-244-001 West Thtr Hist Lit
Section cancelled (12/2/13)

THTR-265-001 Drafting for the Stage
Time change to "Arranged" (12/12/13)

THTR-319-001 Theatre Practicum
Section added (10/30/13)

THTR-327-001 Verse Drama
Time change to TR 9:30-10:50am (10/31/13)

THTR-490-001/002 Senior Thesis
Sections added (10/30/13)

VUSM-100-003 Franciscan Values
Section cancelled (12/13/13)

VUSM-125-002 Your Calling
Section cancelled (12/10/13)

VUSM-252-002 Women in Theatre
Section added (11/22/13)

VUSM-330-001 Classcl Concpt Common Good
Time change to MWF 12:20-1:15pm (10/30/13)

VUSM-431-002 Ethcl Life New Test Gosp
Section cancelled (12/13/13)

Adult Learning Changes  

ADCT-499-001 Addiction Studies Capstone
Time changed to Tues. 4:30-6:20pm (1/10/14)

ENGL-307-008/009 Argumentative Writing
Sections cancelled (12/12/13)

ENGL-309-002 Non-Western Literature
Section added (2/27/14)

ENGL-321-003 American Masterpiece
Section cancelled (3/3/14)

ENGL-347-003 Women Writers after 1700
Section cancelled (2/27/14)

HMGT-425-001 Evid Based Hlth Care Mgmt
Meeting time changed to Mondays 6-10pm (11/1/13)

INFO-320-001 Info Security I
Section cancelled (2/17/14)

INST-395-001 Colloquium I
Section cancelled (12/13/13)

MATH-130-009 Intro Statistics
Section cancelled (12/2/13)

MATH-130-011 Intro Statistics
Section cancelled (12/5/13)

MATH-130-012 Intro Statistics
Section cancelled (12/2/13)

MATH-130-016 Intro Statistics
Section added (12/13/13)

PHIL-340-001 Philosophy of Human Person
Section cancelled (12/13/13)

RLST-356-007 Servant Ldrshp Perpectives
Section added (12/13/13)

RLST-433-002 Faith Prac World Relgn
Section added (11/5/13)

SOCL-345-001 Marriage and Family
Section cancelled (2/21/14)

Graduate Studies Changes   

EDUL-636-005 Prncplship II Org Mgmt
Dates changed (1/21/14)

EDUL-640-003 Curr Dev and Inst Imprvmt
Dates changed (1/21/14)

FINA-510-002 Socl Respns Financial Mgmt
Section added (2/12/14)

MGMT-512-002 Ldrshp Skills in Organizations
Section added (1/16/14)

MGMT-590-001 International Business
Section added (11/18/13)

SVLD-690-001 Colloquium
Meeting date changed from 5/3 to 5:30-9:00pm on 4/25 (12/10/13)