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This is a TEST DRILL. A Tornado WATCH is in effect for the area including Viterbo. A WATCH indicates tornado conditions exist in the area and weather should be closely monitored. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME. A TORNADO WARNING requiring your evacuation to designated areas will be issued at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Student Organizations

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Student Boards, Associations, and Councils Advisors and Leadership 2013–14

  1. Residence Hall Association (RHA)
    Advisor: Vickie Unferth vlunferth@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Paige Ermer permer07165@viterbo.edu and Megan Devroy mdevro09619@viterbo.edu
  2. Student Activities Board (SAB)
    Advisor: Alex Koeller akoell03145@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Katie Legier klegie04158@viterbo.edu and Julie Schoenrock jschoe03952@viterbo.edu
  3. Student Government Association (SGA)
    Advisor: Diane Brimmer dlbrimmer@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Matt Krueger mkrueg03001@viterbo.edu

Student Organizations' Advisors and Leadership 2013–14

  1. Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society (Tri-Beta)
    Advisor: Jennifer Sadowski jasadowski@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Allison Zwarycz azwarycz06694@viterbo.edu and Sara Watson swatson04267@viterbo.edu
  2. Colleges Against Cancer, Viterbo Chapter
    Advisor: Liza Ware eaware@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Karen Teschner ktesch12890@viterbo.edu and Hailey Richardson hricha07011@viterbo.edu
  3. College Democrats
    Advisor: Marlene Fisher mrfisher@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Laura Fox lfox06512@viterbo.edu and Pasha Vaseghi pvaseg03941@viterbo.edu
  4. College Republicans
    Advisor: Paul Robinson phrobinson@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Billy Pearse wpears03163@viterbo.edu and James DeBoer jdeboe07244@viterbo.edu
  5. DNA Club (previously BioChem Club)
    Advisor: Scott Gabriel segabriel@viterbo.edu and Kyle Backstrand kmbackstrand@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Elizabeth Eckert eecker04042@viterbo.edu and Rehman Eon reon08367@viterbo.edu
  6. Education Club
    Advisor: Vickie Schaefer vlschaefer@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Molly Backman mbackm06043@viterbo.edu and Arielle Stark astark06070@viterbo.edu
  7. Enactus (previously SIFE)
    Advisor: J Todd Ondell jtondell@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Jacob Hart jhart09726@viterbo.edu and Hunter Beggs hbeggs08513@viterbo.edu
  8. English Club
    Advisor: Beth Marzoni esmarzoni@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Melissa Vach mvach04892@viterbo.edu
  9. Environmental Sustainability Club
    Advisor: Christina Kabat cjkabat@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Sarah Reimer sreime09646@viterbo.edu and Emma Rislow erislo06080@viterbo.edu 
  10. Filmmaker's Guild
    Advisor: Jeff Nyseth jcnyseth@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Cameron Segura csegur09121@viterbo.edu and Thomas Hackbarth thackb07067@viterbo.edu
  11. Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
    Advisor: Matthew Bersagel Braley mtbersagelbraley@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Anna Parks aparks04082@viterbo.edu and Jeremiah Gile jgile07506@viterbo.edu
  12. Global Rhythms
    Advisor: Taylor Lewis tilewis@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Van Nguyen vnguye05822@viterbo.edu and Jessica Hubbard jhubba05065@viterbo.edu.
  13. Historians' Club
    Advisor: Andrew Hamilton ajhamilton@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Dylan Klein dklein04935@viterbo.edu and Tia Gurtner tgurtn18413@viterbo.edu
  14. Philosophy Club
    Advisor: Robyn Gaier rrgaier@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Brittany Thompson bthomp04412@viterbo.edu
  15. Pre-Health Club
    Advisor: Ward Jones wmjones@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Leandra Franzen lfranz06249@viterbo.edu
  16. Psychology Club
    Advisor: Bill Bakalars wrbakalars@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Jen Walker jwalke00980@viterbo.edu
  17. Student Organization Advocating Human Rights (SOAHR)
    Advisor: Maribel Bird mvbird@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Danielle Elland dellan07645@viterbo.edu and Zarah Augustine zaugus05484@viterbo.edu
  18. Social Work Club
    Advisor: Janet Holter jlholter@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Jenny Clark jclark13079@viterbo.edu and Emily Morrison emorri09880@viterbo.edu
  19. Spanish Club
    Advisor: Jesus Jambrina jejambrina@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Melanie Jones-McMillan mjones07310@viterbo.edu and Laura Fox lfox06512@viterbo.edu
  20. Sport Science & Management Club (SSMC)
    Advisor: David Waters djwaters@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Staci Hoffman shoffm03082@viterbo.edu and Kassie McGettigan kmcget02985@viterbo.edu
  21. Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
    Advisor: Wayne Wagner wrwagner@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Jasper Duberry jduber05140@viterbo.edu and Samantha Weaver sweave03343@viterbo.edu
  22. Student Dietetics Association (SDA)
    Advisor: Jessica Madson jamadson@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Courtney Meidenbauer cmeide06081@viterbo.edu and Brittany Thompson bthomp04412@viterbo.edu
  23. Student Veterans of America
    Advisor: Fr. Conrad Targonski catargonski@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Scott Nieman sniema05894@viterbo.edu
  24. Taking New Tactics (TNT)
    Advisor: Sue Danielson scdanielson@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Ashley Adams aadams04392@viterbo.edu and Samantha Smith ssmith04072@viterbo.edu
  25. VHawks for Life
    Advisor: Emilio Alvarez ebalvarez@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Hunter Beggs hbeggs08513@viterbo.edu and Claire Doughman cdough04818@viterbo.edu
  26. Viterbo Art Club
    Advisor: Joe Miller jemiller@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Maggy Miller mmille03388@viterbo.edu and Nikki Richard nricha04690@viterbo.edu 
  27. Viterbo Free Thinkers
    Advisor: Keith Knutson kaknutson@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Van Nguyen vnguye05822@viterbo.edu and Christopher Eichhorn ceichh09359@viterbo.edu
  28. Viterbo Improv!
    Advisor: Karla Hughes kmhughes@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Nick Arceo narceo06582@viterbo.edu
  29. Viterbo Student Nurses Association (VSNA)
    Advisors: Delayne Vogel dgvogel@viterbo.edu and Susan Cieslicki smcieslicki@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Lindsey Salfer lsalfe04692@viterbo.edu and Bethany Stoll bstoll06503@viterbo.edu
  30. Viterbo Students in Technical Theatre (VSTT)
    Advisor: Chad Kolbe cskolbe@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Andrew Krage akrage07977@viterbo.edu and Seth Kieser skiese08986@viterbo.edu
  31. Women's Studies Organization
    Advisor: Apryl Denny aldenny@viterbo.edu
    Student Contacts: Jessica Hiles jhiles06010@viterbo.edu and Alesha Schandelmeier aschan15299@viterbo.edu

Student Publications Advisors and Leadership 2013–14

  1. Lumen 
    Advisor: Lyon Evans ldevans@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Melissa Freund mfreun04223@viterbo.edu
  2. Touchstone 
    Advisor: Vee Luz valuz@viterbo.edu
    Student Contact: Joycelyn Fish jfish03035@viterbo.edu