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Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

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Helping an Intoxicated Friend

Most students don't make high-risk drinking choices, but it does happen. When it happens, it can be critical that others know how to help. Here are some things to do if a friend of yours makes a high-risk drinking choice:

  • Stay with your friend
  • Try to prevent more drinking
  • Remain calm and avoid communicating anxiety
  • Take your friend home or to a quiet, safe, comfortable place
  • Be sure your friend doesn't get behind the wheel of a car
  • Avoid administering food
  • Do not let a person fall asleep on his or her back
  • Check for signs of alcohol poisoning
  • Seek help 

Check for signs of alcohol poisoning:

  • Extreme disorientation
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Glazed Eyes
  • Impaired motor skills and coordination
  • Clammy skin
  • Slow, irregular breathing 
  • No response to pain stimuli (e.g., a pinch)
  • Difficulty getting your friend awake or conscious--don't assume he/she is "sleeping it off"

Alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency. If you think your friend may have had too much to drink and may be in danger of alcohol poisoning, seek help immediately. Contact your RA, the resident director, security, or an ambulance at 911. Your action can save a life.