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Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

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Reality Check

Many people think the typical college experience is filled with extreme partying and lots of drinking and/or drug use. For instance, in an April 2004 survey, more than 70percent of Viterbo students believed that the typical college student drank more than five drinks at a party. However, in reality, only 33 percent of students on the same survey reported drinking more than five drinks at the last party attended. The majority of college students make reasonably healthy choices, but these students don't have Animal House-type movies made about them or show up in news reports.

Here are some stats from a survey of Viterbo students in April 2005:

  • 82 percent of students reported that they have never missed a class due to drinking. 
  • 69 percent of students reported drinking four or fewer drinks in the past week. 
  • 45 percent reported not drinking any alcohol during the past week. 
  • 63 percent reported consuming 0-4 alcoholic beverages at the last party they attended.
  • 92 percent of students reported not smoking marijuana in the past month. 

So despite the misconceptions, students are making low-risk choices when consuming alcohol and drugs. You don't have to drink a large amount to fit in at college.