Adult, Graduate, and International Admissions

Graduate students in class

Adult, Graduate, and International Admissions

Adult, Graduate, and International Admissions is a centralized recruitment office for persons interested in evening or online undergraduate degree completion programs, graduate degree programs, and/or international students. Adult, Graduate, and International Admission counselors are available to answer questions regarding the application, admission, and financial aid process.

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Center for Adult Learning

Viterbo University has an excellent reputation with area employers and is recognized throughout the region as a leader in serving adult students. Since 1976, Viterbo has been serving the needs of working adults with classroom-based and online associate and bachelor’s degree completion programs designed specifically to fit the busy schedules of working adults.

Graduate Studies

Viterbo’s graduate degree programs offer a unique combination of academic rigor, a solid foundation in ethics, and a balance between life and work to benefit program participants. Graduates of the university’s graduate degree programs serve their communities and industries and become leaders in their respective fields.

Teacher Licensure Renewal

Wisconsin Graduate Programs in Education prepare graduates to be leaders in their schools and communities.  Graduates recognize their obligation to engage in ethical decision making. They are advocates for best practices in education, student centered instruction, and equality in education.  Our graduates understand the importance of remaining current and relevant in educational practices and trends.  Viterbo University will revolutionize your instructional practices and prepare you to be an agent for change.

States Where Viterbo is Authorized to Provide Online Instruction (click here)

International Students

Faculty and staff at Viterbo are dedicated to the success of all students, both domestic and international. A college education is more than just curriculum from a fully-accredited educational institution, it is about experiences that help one grow as an individual. Viterbo strives to provide international students with cultural experiences by integrating them into the community while exchanging information and values with fellow students.

Submission of Fraudulent Documents Policy

The submission of documents such as transcripts, diplomas, test scores, references or applications, that are forged, fraudulent, altered from the original, materially incomplete, obtained under false pretenses, or otherwise deceptive (collectively referred to as fraudulent documents) is prohibited by Viterbo University.

All documents submitted to Viterbo University, in support of applications for admission, academic evaluations, or required administrative processing must be true, accurate, and complete. Supporting documents must not make misrepresentations, omit relevant information, or be altered from the original.

Any documents submitted under false pretenses, forged, or misrepresented (in whole or part) shall subject the individuals involved to sanctions by the University. Specifically, Viterbo University reserves the right to withdraw offers of admission, place a temporary or permanent ban on applying for future admission, prohibit registration, rescind degrees, and suspend or expel students who present fraudulent documents. Such actions may also result in a forfeiture of academic credit earned while enrolled under false pretenses. Dismissal for misconduct does not abrogate a student’s financial responsibility to the University, the federal government, or private loan providers. Students remain liable for all relevant tuition and fees and the payment of their debts.

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