• Rose Kreutz
    Steadfast Giver Extends Her Generosity
  • Former Faculty Member Remembers Viterbo Students
  • Viterbo Alumna’s Legacy Lives On
  • Young Alumnus Establishes Scholarship at Viterbo University
  • Leadership Extraordinaire –Women in Leadership
  • Aspiring Scientists Get Boost from Grateful Couple
  • Nursing Focus of Couple’s Generosity
  • Couple Creates Scholarship to Help Others
  • Scholarship Helps Students get the Most from College


Peek into any classroom at Viterbo University and you will see young faces engaged in learning. They are absorbing knowledge, skills, and values; they are full of expectations and hope. About 60 percent of them are first generation college students. When they leave Viterbo they will be scientists, teachers, artists, health professionals, and business leaders. Our benefactors help make this happen.

Philanthropic giving benefits our students directly—through scholarships, research stipends, and educational resources—and indirectly, by building the stability and standing of the institution. Vibrant fine arts and cultural programming, nationally known lecturers, and collaborative neighborhood engagement are all made possible by friends like you.

Different people support Viterbo for many different reasons. What are yours? The rich Franciscan heritage, lived in everything we do? The total commitment to student success? The hope of a brighter future for our students and our world? Transform your regard for this beloved institution into action by making a charitable gift to Viterbo University.

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