Steadfast Giver Extends Her Generosity

Rose Kreutz

Rose Kreutz loves both nursing and teaching. That explains a great deal—such as her stellar 47-year career spent educating the nurses of tomorrow.

“I taught for three and a half years at the St. Francis School of Nursing and at Viterbo University full time for 32 years and another 12 years part time,” says Kreutz with a smile. “I was almost a lifer. Before teaching, I served as a nurse in hospitals and clinics. During summer breaks from teaching, I also worked at a camp for children with special needs.”

Kreutz graduated from the St. Francis School of Nursing in 1958. She speaks highly of the St. Francis School of Nursing and says it provided the foundation for her future education and career. Graduates of the school became honorary alumni of the university in 2011.

“We had many good teachers, and our great clinical experiences were very rare in diploma programs at that time,” says Kreutz, who would go on to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree. “We played important roles at the hospitals during our clinical experiences and were given a large amount of responsibility.”

Kreutz has been a steadfast giver to various causes at Viterbo for 31 years, including the state-of-the-art School of Nursing building. She also has designated the Viterbo nursing department as a beneficiary in her estate planning.

“I’m proud of the St. Francis School of Nursing and Viterbo University,” Kreutz says. “I’m happy to have former students take care of me and my loved ones. I’m also pleased to give back to Viterbo in return for all it has given me.”