Global Initiatives Week

Global Initiatives Week

November 4-11, 2016

In conjuction with the city of La Crosse's Global Initiatives Week activities, the Office of Campus Activities promotes a variety of on- and off-campus educational programs and learning opportunities around global issues. To learn more about Global Initiatives Week events and opportunities, please visit  

Thursday, November 10

"How and Why to Travel the World" with Andy Stoll, 7 p.m., Nursing Center 196

Andy Stoll delivers a 60-minute, high-energy, inspirational presentation that motivates listeners to explore the world with their eyes wide open.  The talk culminates in his 4-year, 40-country solo trip around the world, while drawing lessons learned from some of Andy’s early life experiences that led him to undertake this seemingly impossible journey.  Andy’s presentation is much more than just a travel slideshow, its an insightful, inspiring, entertaining and often hilarious look at what it takes to find our place in the world and make our biggest dreams come true–whether that is to travel around the world, or something a little closer to home.