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Add LinkedIn to Your Job Search Strategies

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that can be a boost to all aspects of your career development, including job search.  A quality LinkedIn profile provides a forum for the following:

  • Building your professional brand
  • Connecting with prospective employers
  • Enhancing your online presence
  • Posting recommendations
  • Highlighting your professionalism 

 Make Your Profile Work for You

  • Be thorough.  Include relevant internships, jobs, skills, and volunteerism.  Use key words of your field.  Focus on the value you bring to a potential employer.
  • Use a professional headshot.  View profiles of leaders in your industry to see what is acceptable.  Avoid casual or group pictures.
  • Write like a professional.  Use full sentences and correct grammar.
  • Ask for recommendations.  These add instant credibility.  Ask past employers, internship supervisors, and professors to endorse or recommend you.
  • Network.  Connect with groups and businesses related to your field and career plans.
  • Connect with Viterbo University alumni via LinkedIn to make and sustain social/professional contacts and networks.   Many individuals receive numerous generic requests for connections.  Try to customize your connection request to get it noticed; you can do this when you click the connect button while you are on the individual's profile page. 

Get Started Today.

Start your LinkedIn  profile now at the LinkedIn site.  Job suggests that LinkedIn has reached a point where it is almost unprofessional not to be on LinkedIn.  Check out some of the sites below for advise and ideas to help you optimize your LinkedIn activities: