Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Notifications

When all university classes are canceled, communications and marketing will provide the following notifications:

Local Network News:




Midwest Family Broadcasting:

WIZM-FM (93.3 FM) -

WIZM-AM (1410 AM) -

WRQT-FM (95.7 FM) -

WKTY-AM (580 AM) -

KCLH-FM (94.7 FM -

KQYB-FM (98.3 FM) -

La Crosse Radio Group:

WKBH-FM 100.1 FM -

KQEG-FM 102.7 FM -

WLFN-AM 1490 AM -

WLXR-FM 104.9 FM -

WQCC-FM 106.3 -

Individual faculty unavailable to teach class due to weather related conditions are asked to post cancellation information on Moodle.

Students traveling to campus from various locales are asked to use their own judgment and exercise caution during bad weather conditions. Under these circumstances class attendance is not mandatory and the student should communicate his/her individual circumstance with the appropriate instructors.

Only class cancelations and/or closing prompt these notification procedures. If Viterbo is in session, NO alerts are issued.

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