Copy and Mail Center

Copy and Mail Center

Welcome to the Copy and Mail Center

Operating hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Copy and Mail Center produces crisp black and white or vibrant color copies, prints, and large format posters that when combined with our binding, slitting, laminating, and mounting services, make any presentation outstanding.

Viterbo also has a new service called WebPrint that allows users to print to designated devices around campus from a mobile device or non-university owned computer. Printing through Webprint will automatically be deducted from your allotment or budget depending on whether you are a student or an employee. But keep in mind, printing to these designated deivces will cost you double the cost of sending your documents to the Copy and Mail Center to complete you reproducation. Use the Online forms below to send your documents to the Copy and Mail Center for printing.

All University academic and administrative mail is delivered and processed in the Copy and Mail Center. We have daily delivery and pickup by the US Post Office and UPS and frequent deliveries and pickups by Fed Ex or DHL, but these pickups should arranged by the customer for swifter service.

The student mail is delivered and handled by Residence Life staff in the Student Union, however students can use the services in the Copy and Mail Center.

Customers can order and purchase white paper, color paper, Viterbo University Stationary and envelopes for university business.

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Contact Information

  • Karen Hurtgen, Copy and Mail Center Coordinator 608-796-3055
  • Loretta Penchi, FSPA, Mail Clerk 608-796-3051
  • Terry Massman, Copy and Mail Center Assistant 608-796-3052


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