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Beginning in 2001, the D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership has hosted 14 interdisciplinary Ethics Conferences.  Each year the scope and influence of the annual ethics conference grows, having not only a greater impact on Viterbo’s own faculty and students , but having a more significant effect on the wider stage of scholarly research on virtue ethics.  

The Reinhart Institute began an annual Teaching the Holocaust Workshop in 2007 with the intention of impacting young people by sharing lessons of tolerance and respect for all people. 

Ethics and Mental Health

An Interdisciplinary Conference
April 6-8, 2017

The D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership is proud to announce the 15th annual ethics conference.  The Ethics and Mental Health Conference at Viterbo University seeks to gather scholars for a national conversation on the ethical responsibilities of individuals, communities, businesses and government agencies in regard to how we approach mental health.  

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Dr. Kay Redfield JamisonKeynote Speaker
Kay Redfield Jamison

Thursday, April 6, 2017 - An Unquiet Mind: Professional and Personal Insights About Living With Depression and Bipolar Illness
7 p.m. - Fine Arts Center Main Theatre  

Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison is a highly respected scholar and mental health advocate who is most well-known for her work on mood disorders.  She is a psychiatry professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the author of several books including, An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness.  Her work not only helps those persons struggling with mental health issues, but it also raises social consciousness about these issues.  Jamison’s work and public appearances offer hope and inspiration, which aim to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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Teaching the Holocaust

March 23-24, 2017 

This workshop is designed for middle and high school teachers who want to learn more about teaching the lessons of the Holocaust in their schools, featuring national and local Holocaust scholars.

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Father Patrick DesboisKeynote Speaker
Father Patrick Desbois
Thursday, March 23, 2017 - Holocaust By Bullets
7 p.m. - Fine Arts Center Main Theatre    

Father Desbois is the author of “The Holocaust by Bullets: A Priest’s Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews," Winner of the National Jewish Book Award, and the recently released “The Fabric of Terrorists: Into the Secrets of Daesh," based on his investigation of the Yezidid genocide in Iraq.In 2015, Father Desbois' research was featured on “60 Minutes.” The news story was titled, “The Hidden Holocaust.”

Workshop Presenters
Steve Feinberg, Former Special Assistant for the Education Programs in the National Institute for Holocaust Education at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC
Dana Humphrey, English teacher and Gubernatorial Appointee to the Missouri Holocaust Education and Awareness Commission
Dave Nelson, Language Arts Teacher, Westby High School, Wisconsin
Rabbi Simcha Prombaum, Congregation Sons of Abraham
Lolle Boettcher, Retired Secondary Communication Arts teacher and contributing author to The Call of Memory Teacher’s Guide, a collection of 27 short stories and memoirs of the Holocaust.  
"Holocaust By Bullets" Exhibit 
As part of the Teaching the Holocaust Workshop, Viterbo University is honored to display the historic work of Father Patrick Desbois and Yahad-In Unum.   

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Dates on display: February 27 – March 29, 2017
Hours: 8am-8pm
Location: Fine Arts Center, Viterbo University

What is Holocaust By Bullets?
Places can be deceiving. Where grass and trees now grow, once were scenes of unspeakable horror — killing fields where more than 2 million people 
were murdered before the creation of concentration camps. Holocaust by Bullets documents this lesser-known side of the Holocaust with eye-witness testimonies, photographs and archival materials. This powerful exhibit showcases Father Patrick Desbois and Yahad-In Unum’s historic undertaking to ensure that these victims won’t be forgotten.  Learn more about Holocaust By Bullets.

If you would like to schedule a group visit, please contact Beth Franklin at bafranklin@viterbo.eduor 608-796-3735.  Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.  

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