Employee Directory

Image First Namesort descending Last Name Departments Location Phone Position E-Mail
Help Desk Instructional and Information Technology MRC 301 608-796-3870 helpdesk@viterbo.edu
Nutrition and Dietetics NRC 6087963671 dietetics@viterbo.edu
Aaron Larson Instructional and Information Technology MRC 504A 608 796-3880 Server Administrator amlarson@viterbo.edu
Adam Malin Campus Safety and Security SDC 4 608-796-3913 Director, Campus Safety ammalin@viterbo.edu
Adam Conway Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3923 Assistant Director, Physical Plant amconway@viterbo.edu
Alessia Haas Dining Services Marian Hall 608-796-3830 Unit Clerk haas-alessia@aramark.com
Alexandra (Alex) Deshler Admission RCE 113 608-796-3021 Admission Counselor amdeshler@viterbo.edu
Alida Herling Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Health and Human Behavior NRC 522 608-796-3663 Associate Professor amherling@viterbo.edu
Alissa Oelfke College of Business and Leadership, Master of Business Administration BRC 105C 608-796-3087 Assistant Dean, College of Business and Leadership aloelfke@viterbo.edu
Alyson Dahlquist School of Fine Arts FAC 102 608-796-3737 Administrative Assistant aldahlquist@viterbo.edu
Alyssa Gostonczik Career Services MRC 374 608-796-3829 Intern and Employer Relations Coordinator argostonczik@viterbo.edu
Amanda Meyer Recreational Sports AMC 127 608-796-3126 Assistant Director; Recreational Sports ameyer@viterbo.edu
Amber Buschman Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling MRC 552 608-796-3721 Administrative Assistant (pt) albuschman@viterbo.edu
Andrea Pelloquin Wisconsin Graduate Programs in Education West Allis 1-800-234-8721 Coordinator, Wisconsin Off-campus Graduate Education ajpelloquin@viterbo.edu
Andrew Hamilton History, Broad Field Social Studies, Philosophy MRC 536 608-796-3498 Associate Professor/Chair ajhamilton@viterbo.edu
Andrew Anderson Instructional and Information Technology MRC 512 608-796-3866 Business Systems Analyst aranderson@viterbo.edu
Ann Schoenecker School of Fine Arts, Music Department FAC 405 608-796-3764 Associate Professor/Chair aeschoenecker@viterbo.edu
Anna Meier College of Arts and Letters, Adult, Graduate, and International Admissions, Adult Learning FAC 440/FAC 115 608-796-3760/3099 Administrative Assistant ammeier@viterbo.edu
Anne Ellefson Career Services MRC 374 608-796-3839 Career Specialist amellefson@viterbo.edu
Annette Roter Dahl School of Business, Master of Business Administration BRC 216 608-796-3365 Assistant Professor abroter@viterbo.edu
Annie Baumann Library MRC 109 608-796-3278 Electronic Services and Instruction Librarian albaumann@viterbo.edu
Anthony Slaby Communications RCE 007 608-796-3042 Senior Writer and Communications Specialist aaslaby@viterbo.edu
Apryl Denny English Department MRC 533 608-796-3488 Professor aldenny@viterbo.edu
Ashish Mishra Mathematical Physics RCE 020 608-796-3475 Visiting Assistant Professor akmishra@viterbo.edu
Barb Puryear School of Nursing NRC 512 608-796-3677 Assistant Professor blpuryear@viterbo.edu